From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Bronze Minted 13 - ~211 First Era | Depicting Max I
The Silver Crenali | Minted 211 First Era - N/A | Depicting A Bear and Max III

The Crenali was the first currency minted, first built out of Bronze later being made out of Silver around 211 First Era. The Crenali became the standard currency by the end of the First Era, and later had its downfall alongside the Osmaxs. The coin was a circular-shaped disk reflecting images of great leaders such as Max I, and Max III. The coin approximately was 22 mm, (.87 inches) in diameter. Due to its smaller size, the Crenali was easy to hide and stash, creating multiple Treasure Troves throughout the Osmax Territories. Unlike many other forms of currency, the Crenali became adopted by many nations in the 1st and 2nd Era, becoming the de facto way to purchase goods, pay wages, and many more things. The value of the Crenali reflected the standings of the power the Osmax wielded for many years, rising and lowering in power, especially during the Henorian Economic Crash in the later 9th Century. Inflation went down a lot during Tiberius II reign, and the Crenali was valuable.

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