Syllius Halon

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Perhaps this is the end...

—Syllius Halon as he is being stabbed

Syllius Halon
File:Syllius Killen Halon.png
Syllius Halon
King Of The Mani
Reign(January 3 - January 4, 99 First Era)
(1 Day)
CoronationWas to be the January 8, 99 First Era
PredecessorHuntir I
SuccessorGultur I
Reign(79 - January 4, 99 First Era)
(20 years)
Coronation79 First Era
SuccessorTulus I (January 5, 99 First Era)
Born75 First Era
DiedJanuary 5, 99 First Era (Aged 24)
The dining hall
Syllius Killen Halon
FatherHuntir I
MotherHalpoganai Ingrishipyana
Succesion War Of Gultur

Syllius Killen Halon (75 - January 4th First Era) was born to Huntir I 4 years before the establishment of the Kingdom Of Mani. Syllius served as the Kingdoms first Mosa, (Mani Mosas), and succeeded Huntir I upon his death and ascended to the throne of the Mani. However, on January 4th, a day after Huntir I had passed,Gultur Erantus a prominent Tex gathered a small force and attacked the uncornated King. Killing Syllius, Gultur went on to become Gultur I Of The Mani ending the Halon Dynasty reign until Huntir II would rise up in 148 First Era. Syllius was known to often take baths, eat lavishly, and engage in high theological debates among the few scholars in the Kingdom. His death swayed the people of the Kingdom, seen as an act of Moruth. Because he would not have been as strong a leader as his father, many saw this as a good thing and accepted the military commander Gultur over the weak son of a great King.


  • Syllius was named after a river fork his father loved
  • His mother babied him, leading him to be weak
  • Syllius almost surrendered the throne to Gultur in exchange to live
  • Syllius once ate an entire chicken raw
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