Gultur Erantus

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I have risen through the ranks, now I will rise above them all

—Gultur Erantus while attempting a coup

Gultur Erantus
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Gultur Erantus
King Of The Mani
ReignKing (99 - 119 First Era)
(20 years)
CoronationJanuary 7, 99 First Era
PredecessorHuntir I
SuccessorTulus I
Born60 First Era
DiedDecember 19, 119 First Era (Aged 59)
  • None - infertile
Gultur Frankus Erantus

Gultur Frankus Erantus (60 First Era - December 19, 119 First Era) was the 3rd King Of The Mani from (99 - 119 First Era). Growing up in a poor family, Gultur decided to join the Mani Army at the young age of 14. Rising through the ranks until becoming a Tex, Gultur knew his time in the military was waning. Upon the sudden death of Huntir I, however, Gultur saw his chance to seize power. Using the support from the troops under his command, Gultur killed Syllius Halon before he would be coronated. The people would take this as an act of Moruth and soon accepted the strong military commander over the feeble Syllius. Gultur, however, did not have the most successful reign and left the throne to his sister's husband, Tulus Mang. He succumbed to an infected leg injury after raiding a village during one of his expansive periods.


  • Gultur was infertile, having no children throughout his lifetime
  • Gultur was under average height for the time, only 5'4
  • Gultur hated other religions and would publicly execute heretics
  • Gultur once said he would have not killed Syllius had he not looked so weak
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