Huntir Halon I

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

I have proven how bad you all are

—Huntir Halon I, first ruler of Mani Kingdom

Huntir I
Huntir Halon 1.jpg
Huntir Halon I, 49 years old
King Of The Mani
ReignKing (79 - 99 First Era)
(20 years)
CoronationJuly 9, 79 First Era
SuccessorGultur Of The Mani
Januaray, 99 First Age
Born49 First Era
DiedJanuary 4, 99 First Era (Aged 49)
The dining hall
SpousesHalpoganai Ingrishipyana
Huntir Halon I
DynastyHalon Dynasty
Rise Of Huntir

Huntir Halon I (49 First Era - January 4, 99 First Era) was the first King of the Kingdom Of Mani, first formed in 79 First Era. Huntir is considered an amazing ruler of the Mani, solidifying control over the region and allowing peace to thrive for his whole reign. First known as a leader among the Formation Of Mani is the Rise Of Huntir, he persuaded the other Chief to allow him to lead their new nation. Huntir ruled with care, but enforced many of the new laws he instituted among his people. Some of these include sanitation laws, crime and security laws, and succession laws. Huntir was the last Halon to rule the throne until Huntir Halon II for when he died in 99 First Era, his son, Syllius Halon, was killed by Gultur Erantus. The country fell into chaos until Gultur put firm order down. Huntir Halon is widely remembered as an amazing leader, but few works were ever dedicated to him. Perhaps the most famous one is the Temple Of Halon.

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