Rise Of Huntir

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Rise Of Huntir began in 72 First Era with a small tribe headed by Huntir Halon I declaring war on many of the nearby surrounding tribes. The reason is currently unknown. In succession, separate tribes formed into two fronts. The Formation Of Mani, and the Formation Of Fami. The Formation Of Mani superiorly outnumbered the Formation Of Fami, nearly 3:1. To assert total dominance over Fami, Mani called together nearly eight thousand tribesmen to attack the Fami. Annihilating the Fami forces, the Mani went on to completely eradicate the villages and towns of the Fami. It is unknown how many died.

After the destruction of thousands of people, the Formation Of Mani had an even bigger problem. Which tribe would reap the benefits, which tribe would become the Capital, and the most important question; who would lead these people? For a grueling five years, political games, small-scale battles, and backstabbing alliances played out. A sort of scaling system of status soon became apparent. The Scaling system started from Vex, to Ex, to Max, and then finally Pex. The Vexs held around a third of the power, the Exs a forth, and the Maxs a forth, and then the Pexs held the rest. After four years, and in 78 first Era, after nearly gathing all of the Pexs, Maxs, and half of the Exs, Huntir Halon declared that this calling of power to him was from Moruth himself, the head god of the Solma Religion. Citing sentences from the small collections of the holy book anyone could find, the Pages Of Soma, he read "He who listens to Moruth, god of creation, is he who leads" All fell quiet as Huntir demanded if anyone should outright declare that their god's words were false. One such man shouted out, his brown hair curling down his neck, a big bushy beard growing out from his chin, "He is wrong." Within seconds, swords sliced his hands, arms, legs, and his entire body fell cut up into mulch. Blood poured as Huntir stood high, looking down with disgrace.

A man stood after the silence had reigned for minutes. "All hail, King Huntir. Rightful ruler decreed by Moruth himself." the uneducated tribesmen did not understand at the time of the irony pertaining to the quote, and Huntir had known this. The formation Of Mani ceased to exist that day in 78 First Era, and after the new year had ended, the Kingdom Of Mani formed with King Huntir Of The Mani sitting on his wooden throne.

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