Halon Dynasty

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I have restored the Halon Dynasty to our rightful throne. Why should I not kill you?

Huntir II Of The Mani to an enemy officer

Halon Dynasty
File:Halon Dynasty Coat Of Arms.png
The Coat Of Arms
Parent familyHouse Of Halon
CountryKingdom Of Mani
Current regionSusland
Place of originPomarus, Huntir I Of The Mani
Founded79 First Era
FounderHuntir I Of The Mani
Current headNone
TitlesKing Of The Mani
TraditionsPride and Justice
Motto"Without Pride, you are nothing. Without Justice, your rule is nothing. "
HeirloomsSword Of Halon
Estate(s)Minx Pomra

The Halon Dynasty was first created by Huntir I Of The Mani in 79 First Era after taking the throne of the Kingdom Of Mani. The House almost quickly ended after Syllius Halon - rightful heir to the throne - was killed by Gultur Erantus who would seize the throne and reign as Gultur I. Luckily, however, Huntir had a bastard son whose descendant, named Huntir Halon, would claim the throne as his birthright and regain the Dynasties Seat.


The Halon Dynasty nearly ended after Huntir I died and left the throne to his son, Syllius Halon. His son was killed, and forced the House Of Halon out of power until 148 when his descendant, Huntir II took the throne by force.

Huntir I

After Huntir began his reign, the Kingdom expanded. Huntir instituted laws including crime, security, and sanitation. He began building the Kingdoms' reserves of money up, spending it on expensive projects to help his people. This included small canals to divert water, forestry industries, and farms to grow more food. Huntirs reign was peaceful, and his people soon transformed from the uncivilized barbaric warriors they had been to strong independent Mecas. Huntir died in 99 First Era in the Dining Hall at the age of 55 from suspected heart failure, chaos enveloped the nation.

Huntir II

Huntir III

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