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The Mosa, (Mow-Zuh) most often used in the Kingdom Of Mani was a prestigious potion appointed by the King in many cases. The position was only second to the King, and often would be the successor to the throne. The Mosa originates from the Solma Religion meaning "Second" and was first founded in the Mani Kingdom. The first person to hold the position was Gultur Erantus, also known as Gultur Of The Mani.

The Kingdom Of Mani

In the Kingdom Of Mani the Mosa was distinguished by wearing a gold tuff of cloth wrapped around their right shoulder. This tradition has lasted ever since, with the cloth changing in many ways except its color. The flag of the Mosa is a black hawk surrounded by a shining golden background with the sun rising high above the sky. And in the Mani Kingdom the Mosa was many times a military General if not a family member, very rarely anyone else with any other talent or job.

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