Kingdom Of Langley

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Tell me... do you want to reign in eternal glory! Or do you want your peasantly belongings...

Langley I , The Speech Of Arcadia 117 First Era

The Great Kingdom Of Langley
92 First Era
Flag of Kingdom Of Langley
Motto: "For the Crown"
Smallest Extent
Smallest Extent
Common languagesAlarian, Semther
• (92 - 135 First Era)
Langley I
• (135 - 168 First Era)
Langley II
• ( - First Era)
Tamark I
• ( - First Era)
• ( - First Era)
Lupian I
• ( - First Era)
Langley III
Historical eraFirst Era, Second Era
92 First Era
165 - 174 First Era
• 92 First Era
• 100 First Era
• 125 First Era
• 150 First Era
• 175 First Era
CurrencyThe Laki
  1. ...

The Great Kingdom Of Langley ("Lang-lee"), also known as the "Great Kingdom Of The West" was formed by the early conqueror, Langley I, who conquered the region in 92 First Era. The Kingdom Of Langley spread far and fast after two decades of preparing for massive expansion. Langley I, was destined for greatness as he led his armies over rivers across spans and spans of hills eventually reaching the Forests Of Ying.


Conquest Of Langley

Langley Pvemptus was a war chief of the largest tribe in the Langley Region. He held his power far and wide but wanted more. He was only 24 when he first conquered his first tribe, establishing his dominance over the area. It was only 92 First Era, 4 years after the constant invasions that he established the Kingdom Of Langley and its capital Marmp. Not much is known except that he conquered without fear. He was the first King of the Kingdom Of Langley, and soon planned more distant future conquests. The Conquest Of Langley although small at the time, is perhaps one of the most influential events ever to occur on Bytos.

92 - 135

For the next twenty years, Langley grew. Located between the regions Susland and Peltas, the Langleys had much to claim. With only the nearby Kingdom Of Osami to rival them, the Kingdom soon prospered. Building roads in the city, and small canals for irrigation and drinking water the capital Marmp become one of the most industrialized cities of the Era. Inviting scientists from across the Bay Of Shadows, farming technology in the Kingdom exploded. Soon entire fields had planted corn, potatoes, and even Markspire. Langley I during this time was seen as a strong, confident leader. Many saw him as a symbol of hope, of a new dawning golden age, while others saw him as a Demi-God, son of Moruth god of the Solma Religion. His image was so powerful that the ancient folk legend Moruths Image orginates from Langley I during this time.

The Speech Of Arcadia

Perhaps the most well-known speech in the First Era, it transformed the entire continent of Bytos for generations to come. On the first day of Autumn, August 23rd, 117 First Era; Langley gave his speech. Standing on top of a platform made from wood, fifteen feet above his army of 7,000, he rallied them to war. The Speech Of Arcadia raised the spirits of the entire Kingdom Of Langley, toward conquest, toward war, and toward their destinies. After the speech had been yelled, the army marched onto the surrounding areas. Small tribes had lived for centuries alone, hundreds in the region. With Langley and his newly fitted army armed with Iron Swords with a few even having shields and bows, they converted the tribes to Lani. Going across the plains, up and down hills, and camping alongside rivers, the army converted more and more people. Through either the exchange of ideas, force, or even battle, Langley I became known as the conqueror of warriors, and the whisperer of natives. More and more people would pledge their sword not only to the Crown but to Langley himself. However, in 126 First Era Langley's attitude is said to have changed. He became more arrogant at his abilities and often would taunt those who did not share his thoughts. Most of this attitude did not discern his troops for they loved him like they would a god. They changed his army into an aspect of "if you aren't with us, you are against us." Throughout most of his time away from Marmp, his son Langley II did not see his father. This would have a later effect during Langley II's reign.

Death Of Langley I

When Langley I died on December 4, 135 First Era the whole Kingdom mourned. Although his health had been deteriorating for years, the famed conqueror died at the extremely old age of 71. He spent nearly 70% of his life away from home, away in distant lands. He died on top of Langley's Hill where a monument that stands to this day (Langley's Pillar) recognizes his deeds and accomplishments. His body was never brought back to Marmp, and was buried by his soldiers on top of the hill. His wife never visited his burial site, with his son later visiting it years later. With the esteemed fame of Langley I passing, a leadership vacuum was created. His son, Langley II, was not prepared for this and struggled to lead his Kingdom in his first few years. Although a plot to kill him was never discovered, the King had to be extremely careful not to give cause to his opponents. Many that lived during the reign of his father often would remark at better times, with more honor, more conquest, more power.

Langley II

After taking the throne in December of 135 First Era Langley II was very nervous. He had never been taught how to be King, with his father away on his conquests of distant lands. Without his father to keep order, the Kingdom became unstable. Although many argue that the reign of Langley II were hard times, the King managed to keep the Kingdom together and eventually restored stability. Langley II attempted to become his father through conquests, capturing small villages and gathering a lot of territory. But his opponents were around every corner, waiting for Langley to mess up. On one such occasion, after a village had been burned down by bandits, Langley's head military leader General Paxilsillo Marx suggested that they kill the bandits and spike their heads. Horrified of such cruel treatment, the King instead wanted the men captured and interrogated. Sensing weakness in the King, and a high loyalty among his men, Paxilsillo Marx drew his Lexisus Carmano. Slashing the left arm of the King, Langley II responded by pulling out a hidden dagger and slitting the throat of the General. The General bled out on the floor within the minute. The guards who witnessed the attack were unsure who to fight for, but with the swift death of the top General, they loyally followed their King. This was the turning point in the unstable beginnings of Langley II's reign. Realizing he could trust nobody, Langley II was armed day and night. Conquering territories at even a faster rate than his father, his reputation became widely regarded as a King not to be trifled with. Instead of being bestowed the title 'The Great' as his father had been given, Langley II become known as 'Langley The Keen.'

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