Langley Pvemptus I

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Attack without fear, attack without hesitation, attack them NOW!

— Langley I after conquering a nearby tribe during the Conquest Of Langley

Langley Pvemptus I
File:Langley I.png
Langley I,
King Of The Lani
ReignWarlord (88 - 92 First Era)
(approx. 4 years)
King (92-135 First Era)
(43 years)
CoronationJuly 9, 92 First ERa
SuccessorLangley II Of The Lani
April, 135 First Age
Born64 First Era
DiedDecember 4, 135 First Era (Aged 71)
On top of Langley's Hill
SpousesUnknown, multiple wives
Langley Pvemptus I
DynastyLangley Dynasty
MotherLami Pvemptus
Conquest Of Langley, Speech Of Arcadia

Langley Pvemptus I (64 - December 4, 135 First Era) was the last Chief of the Langley Tribe and the first King Of The Lani for the Kingdom Of Langley. A great conqueror, he began his conquests when he was only 24 years old and recently made Chief of his new tribe. He is often known for his founding of the Kingdom Of Langley and its capital Marmp. His conquests were vast and lengthy, nearly increasing the size of the Kingdom to that of the rivaling Kingdom Of Osmax. He is known as one of the Great Generals of history and his tactics led to the foundation of war for years to come. Langley often was away from his family and the capital often conquering more tribes and villages for his vast expanding empire.

Conquest Of Langley

When Langley first became Chief of his tribe, he spent nearly no time at peace. With big aspirations of becoming a King, Langley begun his early conquests. At an early age of 24 he started taking down nearby tribes through either making them yield by talk or battle. At such a young age, most would laugh in his face at first, but after multiple battles with his legacy spreading they would submit much more afterwards. Those who didn't often were killed in battle, or would run away. After battle, Langley would forgive all who tried to kill him except the Leaders of the Army and Tribe itself. Four years later with thousands under his banner,

Establishment of the Kingdom


More Conquests and Old Age


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