Conquest Of Langley

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Langley Pvemptus was a war chief of the largest tribe in the Langley Region. He held his power far and wide but wanted more around the year 88 First Era. He was only 24 when he first conquered his first tribe, establishing his dominance over the area. It was only 92 First Era, 4 years after the constant invasions that he established the Kingdom Of Langley. Little is known except that he conquered without fear or retaliation. He was well known however in the art of his war, often using the weather as his ally. Attacking in snow storms without warning, and slashing the supply chains in deadly storms. Langley led most of these raids himself, often the first man on the field, and the last one off. He was very humble, an inspirational leader in this time. Unlike his later form, filled with arrogance and taunting aspect. The conquest of Langley established the Kingdom Of Langley, known by man souls as the Great Kingdom Of The West.

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