The Speech Of Arcadia

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Yelled across a giant field, to nearly an army of 7,000. Langley I Of The Lani rallied his men to his warcry, to conquer more surrounding territories and ultimately become the best of the best. The speech is very well documented, as during this time Langley had not spoken to his troops about the concerns of why they were raised for war. Almost all of them had been living as civilians of the Kingdom Of Langley, and wondered why they had been called upon for war. During the speech, Langley stood on a 15 ft platform overlooking his men.

"Sons, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers of the Kingdom; I have called upon you for a calling greater than any before.

In the time of human events, there comes a moment when every single man, woman, and child... will have to discover what

they truly are made of. Tomorrow, I march us towards the distant hills of the enemy, towards a conquest greater than ANY before.

Greater than that of the Great King Of The Osmax to the East, Max III. When they sing of the songs and tales of ole, centuries from now.

It would be a crime of the greatest order, of the greatest sin, to leave out our great adventure. I stand here now, not as a King, but as a

Great General to lead you all into a glorious war....follow me now... or live in our shadow. To the WEST!"

After the glorious speech, Langley marched his soldiers far west. Conquering tribes and tribes among tribes, the Kingdom greatly expanded. Becoming one of the largest nations in the First Era, Langley went for conquest until his timely death in 135 First Era.

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