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Hilthrope I, 45 years old
ReignChief (B1E-10 - B1E-2)
DiedDecember 19, B1E-1 (Aged 43)
Opam/1st Battle Of Opam
The battlefield
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Hilthrope G
Father2nd to last Tribal Chief
Mother2nd to last Tribal Chief's wife
Osmax-Arain Succesion War, 1st Battle Of Opam

Chief Hilthrope, (B1E-43 - B1E - 1) was the last chief of the Arain Tribe, and with his death, the Osmax-Arain Succesion War came to a quick end. Throughout Hilthropes life, he strived to be great, like his father before him. He worked to his hardest limits, and would never cease in his workings. Until one day, when his unknown wife died. She had been killed by an accidental border skirmish with the Osmax (tribe). Crazed out of anger, he vowed to get revenge for his soon-to-be pregnant wife. He trained day and night, lifting stones, boulders, people, and entire logs. His brute strength and height soon defined a well-distinguished leader of might and vigor. When he became Chief at the ripe age of 33, he soon would take his revenge against whoever had killed his wife so mercifully.

But on a sudden day in in B1E-7, his prayer had already been answered for him. The Osmax attempted to form a union between all of the tribes, and Hilthrope knew that this wouldn't happen. Gathering forces, and preparing for total war, the war began. Raiding and pillaging anything he could find, Hilthrope's revenge ensured. Burning down the few crops fields he could find, and blazing through entire stockpiles of food, he could find no end to his rage.

He blazed his way all the way to the gates of Opam, ready to destroy the city once and for all. The swift and sudden plan he thought would never have occurred to the Osmax. But, with a terrible agony, he discovered the truth of his plans. An officer of his had ran away, telling the Osmax of the swift plan. And when he came up the hill across the sparkling city, he was met with an army. Mad with rage, he charged into the battle slashing right through the enemy's frontlines. He fought, tearing men open, spilling their entrails out like starving wolves in the winter. Covered in blood, he met the Osmax Chief, Maximin. Fighting to the death, Hilthrope met his fate. He met his maker as his blood squirted out in chunks of slime. He had died, and the Arain had lost.

Hilthrope currently lives on in the name of the river that intersects Hildago, named the River Of Hilthrope for his high intervention in the fishing economy of the Arain.

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