From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Max II, an example of a Heltas individual

Heltas (Hell-ToSS), were the primary human Race on Liberos. The Heltas race originated from the continents of Alathor, Bytos, and Angor but would slowly move to conquer the world. Although the Heltas race has had much higher numbers than other races such as the [[Rituns] and Elbamas, they have also become the victim of genocides. The Heltas race is described as a very light-skinned race, the males usually standing around 5'5 feet tall (1.65 meters), and weighing around 170 pounds (77.1 kgs). The females stood on average around 5'1 feet tall (1.55 meters), and weighed around 125 pounds (56.7 kgs). The Heltas are associated with being warriors fueled with crazy passion, however, they almost always lack empathy and forgiveness. The worse crime in the Heltas Culture is to not seek revenge, and instead forgive.

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