From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Due to high variables in heat, climate, moisture, and lifestyle, many separate races of Humans evolved on Liberos. The most prominent of these races were the Heltas. The Heltas is a very light-skinned race originating from the continents of Bytos, Alathor, and Angor. It is presumed that due to the colder winters and harsh lifestyle of these peoples, they formed into a strong tough but lighter-skinned race. Heltas generally are regarded as strong and intelligent, but often lack empathy, and forgiveness. Another prominent race was the Varithinians. The Varithinians originated from Alathor, Bytos, and the Islands Of Oceania. They are known for their hard resillence, and kind nature. Many Varinthinians are not violent unless it is required. This race, although very high in population, was very segregated in many Heltas Kingdoms. This race was slightly darker than the Heltas, and would often work out in the fields and semi-arid areas. The Varithinians were an especially notable as a slave population, although they were given rights in more Kingdoms than would be anticipated. An unusual race that inhabited the coldest places of Liberos were the Elbamas. The Elbamas are regarded as the most unusual race, growing to an average height of 4 feet. These dwaft-sized individuals are renowned for their deeply religious ties with their gods, and unquenchable hungry. The Elbamas, although low in population for most of the First & Second Eras, are the most racist. Many societies headed by Elbamas distrust outsiders with a terrible anger and thus do not allow them inside their country.

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