From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Elbamo I, a prime example of an Elbamas

The Elbamas (El-Bomb-Uhs) is named after the great leader Elbamo I, and the first centralized tribe, the Tribe Of Elbama. The Elbamas are an extremely short version of the Heltas, the primary race of humans. The Elbamas are known for their dwarfism and extreme racist motivations. Born with an innate sense of superiority, at any given chance Elbamas will display the qualities they hold to be higher. Elbamas males and females only average around 4 feet in height (1.22 meters), but have a staggering 185 pounds (83.9 kgs) in weight. Although the mobility of Elbamas are greatly limited due to their size, they are amazingly excellent fighters. The race has historically had a very low population, the lowest out of nearly every race from the beginning of the First Era to the end of the Second. With this small population, it is very surprising that the Elbamas have the highest amount of racial genocides by any race, even outnumbering the much more common Heltas race.

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