Elbamo I

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We are the unfortunate...

—Lord Elbamo I, Meeting In Triblem

Elbamo I
Elbamo I, aged 39
Lord Of Elbama
ReignLord (55 - 75 First Era)
(20 years)
CoronationMay 55 First Era
SuccessorElbamo II
March, 75 First Age
Born24 First Era
DiedMarch, 2 First Era (Aged 51)
Elbamo I
DynastyElbamo Dynasty
FatherUnnamed Man
MotherUnnamed Woman

Elbamo I (24 - March 2, 75 First Era) was the first official ruler of the Tribe Of Elbama. He is most well known for forming the formation of small villages that later would become known as the Tribe Of Elbama. He infamously is extremely often represented as a god among his people, and the only ever "true" Elbama. He would also start the Elbamo Dynasty, an extremely long line of rulers in the direct line of succession. Very little is known about the early years of his life, and even in his later years, few facts are presented. Elbamo I formed the Tribe Of Elbama with his feasting events that would bring people far and wide and most importantly as he would like to put it, "together"

Early Years

Almost nothing is known of Elbamos childhood. He was born into a poverty-stricken family that eventually throughout strategic inheritances would work its way up. Elbamos father, a man that bore no name, taught Elbamo the first rules of leadership and confidence at a young age. Elbamo received no education of any formal kind, and few skills and service training that could provide him with a job. Instead, he would set his eyes on becoming a lord, or overseer. He spent the first decade of his entire life as a young adult forming relationships, and alliances, and slowly increasing his revenue stream of small land holdings.

Forming The Tribe

When Elbamo became Lord after his father died around the year 48 First Era, Elbamo begun his hard work. Striving to create himself a tribe he could be proud of, Elbamo decided to build new state of the art homes. Building up the poor desolate place of Triblem, Elbamo raised nearly 150 houses, 200 huts, and another 300 holes. These buildings ranged in quality, of which Elbamo gave the best to who he considered the most important. Food gatherers, and Guards were given the best for they kept them alive and safe. Carpenters and builders were to be given the huts, while the rest of the poorer tribespeople were bestowed living holes in the ground. These holes had about 400 sq feet, and had three thatch beds with a stone fireplace going out the middle. Reinforced by dirt and stone, the hole provided a living space.

Elbamo also created many jobs, ranging from fishermans all the way to Commanders and Captains. Restructuring the guard of the camp, he added nearly 300 jobs. Building more wharfs for fishing, creating fishing orders to keep them occupied, Elbamo created jobs in nearly ever industry. He even begun work on the Great Wall Of Elbamo so that every living man could work.

Elbamo never made his country a centralized Kingdom, nor did he every establish complete control unlike his counterparts; but Elbamo changed his entire countries future for the better. Creating housing, jobs, and establishing the Great Feast Of Triblem earlier in his life, Elbamo had changed the Elbamasas of the Tribe Of Elbama for the better. Once his efforts stopped in 69 First Era, with nearly no money left, Elbamo halted his future projects excluding the Great Wall.

Last Years

In his later years, Elbamo I enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the occasional executions for treason in his Tribe. With nearly not enough money to start new projects, the Kingdoms prosperity sightly declined. He was reported to be helping the unfortunate, and walking the streets of Triblem. He was found dead in his bed, presumed at the time of natural causes. However, it is now estimated he died of radiation poisoning due to his frequent visits to the treasury which was filled with uranium made currency. =

Legacy =

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