List of Elbama Leaders

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

First Era

Portrait Name
Term Successor
Took office Left office Duration
Elbamo I
Elbamo I
(24 First Era–75 First Era)
Very Early 55 First EraMarch 3, 75 First Eraapprox. 20 YearsElbamo II
2Elbamo II
March 3, 75 First Era101 First Eraapprox. 26 YearsElbamo III
3Elbamo III
(87 First Era–125 First Era)
101 First Era125 First Eraapprox. 24 YearsElbamo IV
4Elbamo IV
125 First EraJune 27, 167 First Eraapprox. 38 YearsElbamo V
5Elbamo V
June 27, 167n First Era204 First Eraapprox. 37 YearsElbamo VI
6Elbamo VI
(192 First Era–n/a)
204 First Eran/an/aElbamo VII
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