Gultur Succession

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

After a very successful reign, Huntir I died in 99 First Era from a supposed heart failure. His only legitimate son, Syllius Halon, 21 years old, rose to take the throne. However, Syllius was soon killed at the hands of a low-ranking military officer by the name of Gultur Erantus. Gultur had risen through the ranks of the military until finally stopping at the rank of Tex. Without any promotion in the near future likely, Gultur saw his moment to take charge and killed the new King on January 4th, 99 First Era a day after his father had died. With the soldiers under his command, and no King left to follow, Gultur took the throne by force. It was extremely unlikely for him to succeed under the circumstances, but due to killing the King before he was coronated, Gultur made many see it as an act of Moruth. To persuade the Mani Army to follow Gultur, and not rebel against him in favor of the unofficial son of Huntir Halon, Frantir Halon, Gultur gave out massive amounts of funds as a bribe. For his second in command as Mosa, he would choose his sister's husband, Tulus Mang. The Succession Crisis had only last a few days.

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