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Liberos is a planet-sized around 1.25 times the mass of Earth, measuring approx. 246 million square miles (~637 Km). Filled with Freshwater Oceans, except for the Sea Of Dead Men, Liberos is plentiful in life-sized with five continents known as Bytos, Alathor, Angor, and Islands Of Oceania. Liberos is approximately 5 billion years old, forming according to the nebular hypothesis. Orbiting a very similar star to Earth, Liberos is one of the very few planets in the universe with the capability to support life. Life first erupted 3.75 billion years ago, slowly evolving into what humans are today. Evolving from "primates" humans first originated in Forests of Demise before spreading out all over the world over the course of millenniums. The first functioning civilization, (ex. not a tribe) to form was the Kingdom Of Osmax located in Southern Central Umon, on the continent of Bytos.


Regional Map

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There are a total of 14 Regions, with Nimtas as the largest. and Faltos the smallest. The coldest region on average is Susland, while the hottest average is Henor.


Regions Of Alathor: Umon, Avallone, Henor, Gandal, and Sirion
Regions of Bytos: Omis, Valmor, Peltas and Susland.
Regions of Angor: Nimtas
Regions of Islands Of Oceania: Nova-Moesia, Lothian, Avon, and Faltos

Geographical Names

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