Colonial Land Association Act

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Colonial Land Association Act, enacted in 126 First Era established the Mani Colonial Land Association, also known as the MCLA. The Act was passed by the Kingdom Of Mani King, Tulus I to help promote the idea of colonization on new shores and providences. The Act majorly created the Colonial Association which would become responsible for managing the entire later Colonial Empire of the Mani. The Act would stipulate the procedures of the Association, the land requirements and needs, and much much more. Amazingly, the system was so good that it was later adopted by from the Kingdom Of Osmax, Kingdom Of Osami, and the Kingdom Of Gwessly. The system originates from the ideal that "if a person can work it, they can make it." The Colonial Association became very powerful at its height, and many influential individuals would arise from this pool of powerful elites.

Franius Lanius

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