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A Lordship was a mixture of tribe and Kingdom governing principles. Headed by a Lord, first instituted by Elbamo I of the Tribe Of Elbama, the Lord would rule like a King but headed each city independently. Some lordships were very rough, with every city having a separate lord and all united not by a leader, but in name. An early close example to this was the High Kingdom Of Nometra.

Tribe Of Elbama

The Tribe Of Elbama until the government was reformed at the end of the Elbamo Dynasty was headed by a Lordship. Started by Elbamo I, each city was independent of another but ruled by the same ruler. This would be very strenuous on cities far away, where the Lord may never visit in their lifetime. Thus, another nobleman of the Elbamo Dynasty would rule temporarily in the city giving them near defacto power.

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