Lord Elbamos Vision

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

Lord Elbamos Vision is the founding piece most often used to describe the events that followed Elbamo I leadership, and its creation in a new Tribe Of Elbama.

Lord Elbamo I begin his reign in 48 First Era when he brought everyone in central Susland to have a great feast in the capital Triblem. From there every night Elbama would have a feast at night in honor of his father, who had loved great feasts. Eventually, Elbamo decided to have the feast yearly instead, starting the Great Feast Of Triblem tradition. This was perhaps the first thing of Lord Elbamos vision.

Elbamo had long ago decided he wanted to create something great, and thus began working on his nation. His vision was simply put as "housing for all, food for all, and jobs for all!" Elbamo first created housing by paying enormous amounts of Splints to the local carpenters. After five months, over 150 houses, 200 huts, and another 300 "holes" had been created. This provided housing for nearly everyone in Triblem, and greatly increased the rate of survival in the winter time. Elbamos next task was to gather food for the people. He started this by first building farms, but soon Elbamo realized he needed a permanent year round food source. With the frozen sea nearby, he built many Wharfs and fishing vessels. Not only did this provide tons of food for the populace, it created more jobs. Then began Elbamos last part of his plan. Restructing the Guards core, Elbamo created around 300 jobs. Afterwards, he built a few more mines among buildings in nearly every industry. Elbamo then started construction on the Great Wall Of Elbamo, filling jobs for everybody who had not gotten a job already.

Elbamo spent a lot of money on these endeavors, of which he never received much of it back. Selling property and products of the castle, Elbamo nearly had bankrupted himself and his government by the end of his projects in 55 First Era. Although Elbamo never created a Kingdom, nor centralized completely, he restructured the entire country for the better. Elbamo I never saw his Wall completed, nor the lives he changed, but when Elbamo I died in 75 First Era; he was renowned as a god. He became the Head God of the Blamo Religion.

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