Largest Rivers

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The largest rivers in the world are extreme in length, with 1st place to the Grand River Of Dead Men, 2nd place to the Jed River, and 3rd place to the Antulx River. The Grand River and the Antulx River both are located on Angor, in the region of Nimtas while the Jed River is located on Alathor situated between the regions Gandal and Sirion. The Rivers generally are extremely wide, and very rarely ever get narrow except in the one case with the River Of Imps where at numerous spots the river gets within three feet of the other side of the river.

The Largest Rivers

1. Grand River Of Dead Men (Nimtas)

2. Jed River (Gandal/Sirion)

3. Antulx River (Nimtas)

4. River Of Imps (Omis)

5. Magin River (Gandal)

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