Uprising Of 128

From The Lands Of Liberos Project

The Uprising Of 128 began after a small peasant army formed in the southern region South Wessly angered by heavy taxation. The uprising shook the Kingdom, initiating the essence of a Civil War upon the government. On December 14th of 128, the fateful 1st Battle of Gwen killed thousands as waves of peasants stormed the castle where Gwessly I lived after his army had unknowingly been decimated. Gwessly I was killed in the attack, allowing his son, Gwessly II to take the throne. Gwessly II sat on the throne for three months, attempting to save what he could of the caving Kingdom. He was later killed in the early 129 First Era by assassins sent by noble heirs.

The uprising killed approximately 3,400 citizens of Gwessly. The Kingdom was reformed to allow much more freedom among the populace, but much higher corruption than before seeped into its foundation. A noble heir to the throne, by the name of Antoney Leon would be coronated as Antoney I and rule the Kingdom for the next 15 years.

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