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The Customs Of Liberos can be divided into many separate categories including but not limited to Language, Religion, Race, and Currency. The Culture of Nations mostly relied on Religion, the Kingdom Of Osami a notable example. Language would play a very large part as well, with many territories becoming hard to manage due to the language barriers. Race played a major part in Culture as some Cultures would preserve more food, and learn to cherish it as they required more. Other cultures, such as the Elbamas, would stuff themselves full due to their small height. Currency would come next, but mostly would only attribute to the economy culture of a country. A country may become dependent, not as proud of a country if they are forced to use another currency. In the First Era, the Kingdom Of Osmax was very proud once their currency was nearly universal.


The primary language used throughout Umon, Susland, Faltos, Henor, Nova-Moesia, and Avallone was Helten. Helten first originates from the region of Umon with its roots stretching as far back as B1E-250,000. Overtime the language would develop into nearby regions spreading very far with the Kingdom Of Osmax. The language was easy to understand and learn, but sometimes difficult to master. A unique accent was given to the language, a Helt accent, easily allowing a difference to be established among those who first learned it as their birth tongue.

The next common language was Alarian, spreading across the regions of the North such as Susland and Peltas. This language fought with Helten for centuries, becoming so infused it created the hybrid language of Empala. Other languages, such as Jokilo and Semther were too difficult for many to learn, and thus, was harder to spread.

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Blamo, Osmanian, Solma


Splint, Crenali


Elbamas, Heltas, and Rituns

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